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Cynthia will be heading to Tampa for spring training to begin her fourth season as the sports nutrition consultant for the New York Yankees major league team. Check out the New York Times article featuring Cynthia, and her role with the Yankees here.

Cynthia joined the Brooklyn Nets (NBA) performance team as the sports nutrition consultant for the 2017-2018 season.   

Cynthia joined Health Magazine for the third consecutive year at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA for the Health Total Wellness Weekend. 

The paperback of Cynthia's newest book was released March 8th, 2016 with a new subtitle - Slim Down Now: Shed Pounds and Inches With Pulses - The New Superfood - check out the press release here


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Coffee and cancer warnings is back in the news. Check out an interview Cynthia did with ABC News when this same topic made headlines a few year back. Watch it here

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"I adamantly believe in the power of food to optimize health and wellness, prevent disease and maximize the way you look and feel – inside and out!"

~Cynthia Sass