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Cynthia Sass, New York Times bestselling author of S.A.S.S. Yourself Slim and coauthor of Flat Belly Diet!, introduces a new superfood that holds the power to whittle your waistline in no time. Called “pulses,” this unique class of protein-rich carbs includes lentils, chickpeas, and many varieties of beans. By incorporating just one serving of these supershredders into your daily meals, you’ll burn more fat, feel more full, and have more energy.

The weight will come off immediately, and you’ll reap the many rewards of Sass’s Pulse Plan:

  • lose up to 8 pounds in the first four days
  • no counting calories
  • eat carbs and still get great results (that’s right, they’re not the enemy!)
  • enjoy over 100 delicious, satisfying, and affordable recipes
  • adopt a less-is-more exercise philosophy focused on fun methods that don’t feel tedious or punishing
  • protect your heart, lower your risk for type 2 diabetes and cancer, and improve your overall nutrient intake

“My skin looks better and the dark circles under my eyes are gone. I feel great, and I’m happy with the amount of weight I was able to lose in thirty days.” 
~DIONNE, age 43

“I think the Rapid Pulse really did reset my system. Flavors became more prominent (I can actually taste the sweetness in tomatoes!), and I’m now eating less because I can pay attention and stop when I’m full.” 
~YADIRA, age 39

“Throughout the thirty days, I felt confident because I knew I was getting healthier and my body was changing. My husband also lost 10 pounds by loosely following the plan with me. He was surprised that he could lose weight while eating healthy meals that tasted great with bold flavors.” 
~AMY, age 28

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S.A.S.S! Yourself Slim: Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds and Lose Inches (formerly published under a different title) can profoundly change the way you look and feel in just 30 days. Many of the women I counsel live in diet chaos—irregular meal schedules, binge eating, or undereating followed by rebound overeating. This book ends that chaos by establishing order, but you won't feel like you're in diet boot camp. Unlike many weight loss plans, my approach isn't about starving, restricting, or depriving yourself. It's all about giving your body precisely what it needs to get to your ideal weight while feeling energized, nourished, and satisfied every step of the way.The book is set up as a 30-day plan with two parts:

Part 1 - Optional 5-Day Fast Forward that jumpstarts your results - up to an eight pound loss in five days. The Fast Forward calls for four simple meals a day, made from clean, delicious, detoxifying, filling, nutrient-rich foods shown to support weight loss. I’ve even included a grocery list that specifies all the ingredients you’ll need, (and recipes!) so preparing for the Fast Forward (which is vegan and vegetarian friendly) is a breeze!

Part 2 - The 25-day plan which again calls for four meals a day, but draws from a much broader, but specific array of food choices, to build meals using a simple '5 piece puzzle' strategy. A days worth of meals can potentially include: a Chocolate Pear Ginger Smoothie for breakfast, Fresh Mozzarella Basil 'Pizzalad' for lunch, Shrimp Creole for dinner, and a snack of Cranberry Parmesan Herbed Popcorn! With this core plan (also vegan and vegetarian friendly and adaptable for gluten free diets), you can easily drop a size in just one month.

And last but not least the mandatory (yes mandatory) Daily Dark Chocolate Escape! Research shows that a daily dose can help curb your cravings for both sweet and salty foods, and dark chocolate is a treat you don’t have to feel guilty about. I devote an entire chapter in the book to its health benefits, including its ability to protect your heart and enhance your mood.

The entire plan is based on cutting edge research and three key rules that work in synergy to provide real and lasting results. If you’ve been living in diet chaos, or you're health conscious but have lacked the structure needed to lose weight, this is the exact plan you’ve been waiting for. The book includes all the tools required for success. Are you ready to begin?  Visit Amazon or Barnes & Noble to order your copy today or pick one up wherever books are sold! And please visit my facebook page to connect with fans of the book who regularly share their tips, success stories and recipes.

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Your Diet is Driving Me CrazyThe first book to acknowledge the problem of relationship-driven food conflicts and offer comprehensive strategies and solutions for resolving them.

  • Why is it that your partner can eat an entire chocolate cake without gaining an ounce, yet you gain five pounds just looking at it?
  • How do you cope when your partner goes on Atkins and cuts back on carbs — but you can’t live without them?
  • How do you deal when your significant other polices everything you eat, gets cranky when hungry or encourages you to overeat?
  • What do you do when you’re an adventurous eater, but your picky partner has no interest trying new things, leaving your dinner dates—and your relationship—stuck in a rut?

Nearly every couple struggles with food issues such as these, and many of them create serious relationship tension and interfere with communication, romance and health. Yet many people don’t realize that food conflicts are obstacles to intimacy as well as obstacles to weight loss.

But there is good news – couples with these conflicts don’t have to live with them or the problems they cause. Food fights are common, but they are also solvable, with the right tools. Cynthia, along with her co-author Denise Maher, provide sensible and unique solutions for resolving them.

Readers will closely identify with the book’s real life scenarios and solutions and Cynthia's original, creative strategies and suggestions – advice that is deeply rooted in her years of counseling thousands of couples.

ultimatedietlogOne reader wrote, "Thank you for the work you put into The Ultimate Diet Log. In a market that is saturated with diet tips, tricks and journals – yours stands out. It's easy to keep track of, fun to write in and easy to read. I purchased The Ultimate Diet Log at Barnes and Noble after flipping through each diet journal they offered. Yours was the only one with flexibility in meal times, an exercise log and tons of pertinent information. Thanks!!"  -Sarah Berger

For this project, Cynthia teamed up with Suzanne Schlosberg, author of numerous health and fitness books including the best selling Ultimate Workout Log, Fitness for Dummies, Weight Training for Dummies and many others, to create a first-of-its-kind food and exercise diary.

The Ultimate Diet Log is a unique food and exercise diary that fits any weight loss plan or health goal. Whether you want to lose weight, drink more water, trade in refined carbs for whole grains or learn to overcome overeating, this personalized tool can help you succeed.

Research shows that a food and exercise log is, simply, the most powerful way to make lasting lifestyle changes. A recent study from Kaiser Permanente's Center for Health Research found that keeping a food diary can double your weight loss. The study's lead author called a food diary "hands down, the most successful weight-loss method."

You may have tried to keep a food diary before only to abandon it a few weeks later, but this log is much more than a journal for recording what and how much you eat.

Here are some key features

  • A 5-day personal inventory: You'll start by tracking your habits in great detail for five days and then analyzing the results. Once you've identified your strengths and weaknesses, you'll narrow your focus to a few key priorities.
  • A flexible format. The Ultimate Diet Log format is versatile enough to accommodate any healthy and reasonable eating plan. We help you figure out where to start based on your needs, on your terms.
  • An emphasis on goal setting. We prompt you to record daily, weekly, and six-month eating and exercise goals and then to revisit these goals and take a good, hard look at whether you achieved them.
  • Practical tips to implement your goals. Discovering that you're short on fiber is only a first step. You also need to know how to jack up those fiber grams, by learning, for instance, which foods have the most fiber and mastering simple ways to sneak fiber into your favorite dishes. As a bonus, this log features loads of useful tips, tricks, and tidbits for putting your plans into action.

Cynthia and Suzanne's goal isn't to shame you into eating less because you'll have to write it down. It's to coach, guide and support you through making changes that will help you look and feel great, inside and out; changes that last a lifetime (oh and to have some fun along the way!).

Here's an excerpt from the introduction

OK, folks, it's pop-quiz time!

  • Question #1: How many grams of fiber have you eaten today? Eight? Eighteen? Thirty?
  • Question #2: How many daily vegetable servings have you averaged this week? One? Two-and-a-half? Four?
  • Question #3: How many sodas, lattes or sweetened teas do you sip, guzzle, or slurp in a typical month? Twelve? Twenty-four? Sixty?

If you haven't a clue how to answer these questions, welcome to the club! Most of us are simply not aware of how our eating habits stack up – life is too busy to sit around counting fiber grams, isn't it?

Yet this lack of awareness is precisely what's stopping many of us from losing weight or making the dietary improvements that will reduce our chances of developing heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. If you don't know what your habits are, how can you go about improving them?

The log you're holding is about to change everything. Monitoring your habits is like turning up the lights and peering into one of those magnifying mirrors that facialists use when inspecting your pores: You really see what's going on, in ways that simply weren't apparent before – and aren't always so attractive.

Food and exercise diaries work because they keep you honest. Suddenly, you can't fool yourself about how much saturated fat or how few whole grains you eat. What's more, your log will reveal patterns in your habits – clues that might explain why, after three months of dieting, you still can't zip up favorite jeans.

When you actually see on paper that you're eating sweets twice a day rather than a few times a week, as you assumed, the awareness strengthens the connection between your thoughts and your actions.

Think of it as a gradual process, what we call the Four Stages of Food Awareness.

  • In stage one – before you start your diary - you aren't consciously aware of what you've eaten, much like the restaurant goers who said they didn't eat any bread.
  • In stage two, a few days to a couple weeks after you begin self-monitoring, you realize what you ate after the fact. For example, as you toss an empty potato-chip bag into the trash, it hits you that you just polished off the entire bag in one sitting.
  • In stage three, a few weeks later (if you're consistent about keeping your journal), you become aware of what you're eating in real time. Halfway through that maple scone, it dawns on you that you weren't even hungry when you ordered it.
  • Finally, you reach stage four, when your mindfulness catches up to your actions. For instance, you're about to reach for a donut in the break room and you stop, because at that moment, you connect your pattern to your habit. You might think: I had a cake donut yesterday and that peanut-butter cookie after lunch and some frozen yogurt after dinner. Maybe I'll grab an apple instead. This is the point at which real change takes place...

To read more, check out the book, available at book stores everywhere.


Cynthia Sass is the nutritionist behind the Flat Belly Diet eating plan. She developed the plan for Prevention based on a combination of emerging research, decades of existing studies and her 10+ years of experience as a registered dietitian who has counseled hundreds of real people.

Twenty four weeks on the New York Times best seller list and AOL's #1 searched diet in 2008, Flat Belly Diet became the eating plan everyone was buzzing about and solidified Cynthia's reputation as a visionary expert and the go-to resource for nutrition and weight management. Flat Belly Diet! Cookbook, which Cynthia also co-authored was also a New York Times best seller.

Yale University Study

In a study led by David Katz, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Public Health and Director of the Prevention Research Center at Yale University School of Medicine, nine overweight women (average age 49) followed Cynthia's Flat Belly Diet eating plan for 28 days. The women agreed to undergo MRI scans and blood work at the start and end of the study.

The results were impressive. In less than one month the following changes were observed (averages for the group):

  • Reduction of internal (visceral) belly fat (measured by MRI): 33%
  • Pounds lost: 8.4 pounds
  • Belly inches lost: 1.6
  • Drop in total cholesterol: 21 points
  • Decrease in systolic blood pressure: 8.4 points
  • Decrease in diastolic blood pressure: 5.4 points

According to Dr. Katz, markers for inflammation (including C-reactive protein), fasting blood glucose and insulin levels also fell. To learn more about the study and see a before and after MRI image, click here (please note: Cynthia is no longer on staff at Prevention).

Cynthia's much anticipated follow up to Flat Belly Diet! was released in January 2011. In the book, S.A.S.S! Yourself Slim: Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds and Lose Inches (formerly published under a different title) Cynthia reveals her new eating plan, designed to help readers shed overall body fat and learn a uniquely simple strategy for hunger free weight loss that doesn't require calorie counting. Prepare to shed up to 8 pounds in 5 days, reset your metabolism, kiss cravings goodbye and embrace a mandatory Daily Dark Chocolate Escape!   

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